A Brief Timeline of the Claremont Hotel

1905 Frank Havens’ Claremont Hotel company begins construction.  
1914 Havens’ sale to the Ritz Carlton terminated due to outbreak of World War.
1915 Hotel completed with 176 of 320 rooms opening in time for Panama Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco.  The Claremont Hotel is the largest hotel on west coast at the time.
1937 Hotel acquired by Claude Gillum for $250,000. Allowed to serve alcohol.
1954 Hotel sold to Harold Schnitzer who leased to Murray Lehr until l971.
1958 $2,000,000 addition with tower proposal defeated by popular opposition.
1965 Stonewall neighbors lawsuit filed resulted in “permanent” noise injunction.
1971 Harsh Investment Corporation takes over, builds pool, adds tennis courts.
1973–78 Hotel shifts 0.5 acre from Berkeley to Oakland. Courts built. Landscaping ignored.
1986–7 Major Use Permit for renovating Spa. Stonewall neighbors file lawsuit
1990 Alameda County Flood control repairs creek culverts on edge Hotel property.  
1998 Schnitzer sells hotel to KSL Recreation Corporation, now known as KSL Resorts  
2000 KSL proposes 91 new rooms along front of hotel; 75 apt. units in four-story buildings; 3-story parking structure (one story underground) with 6 courts on top; traffic lane for "stacking" buses and cars feeding into parking.  
2001 Berkeley/Oakland Neighbors of the Claremont initiates Landmark process. Landmark Preservation Advisory Board advises landmarking the Claremont Hotel property as well.  
2002 Oakland City Council declares the hotel building a City Landmark.  
2003 California State Historical Resources Commission nominates Hotel, with 12 acres, for National Register of Historic Places, places both on California Register of Historic Places.  
2007 Morgan Stanley purchases hotel and 3 others for $6.6 billion. By 2011 Morgan Stanley owes $1.5 billion and files for bankruptcy.  
2012 Paulson & company purchases the group of hotels for $1.5 billion. Following year tries to sell acquisition for $80 million.  
2014 Richard Blum and FRHI buy properties for about $155 million. FRHI owned by Qatari government fund and Saudi Prince.  
2015 FRHI sells most hotel holdings to AccorHotels that operates 3700 hotels. Accor paid the Qataris $2.9 billion for group of hotels.  
2016 $80 million development proposed including: towering 43 unit condoplex with 2 floors underground parking on Hayward Fault visible above nearby homes; 250 new club memberships; 15,000 sq. ft. new pool and deck; basketball court; single family home.