Tennis Stadium Plans Defeated 


Noise Insert

Ruling in favor of the neighborhood surrounding the Claremont Hotel, judge William Brailsford of the Superior Court of California for Alameda County made the following decree:


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the defendants, their employees, their successors...and all persons acting in concert with them, are hereby perpetually enjoined and restrained from:

(a)    The operating of any loud speaker...the discharge of any starting pistol, or the playing of music...on the grounds of the Hotel that the sounds thereof can be heard in the plaintiffs’ homes so as to deprive them of their peaceful enjoyment thereof.

(b)    The singing, cheering and handclapping on said grounds so that the noise and sounds thereof can be heard in any or all of the plaintiffs’ homes.


Now developers for Richard Blum and the Fairmont Hotel chain want to build a 400-seat tennis stadium and outdoor basketball court less than 100 yards from their front doors.

The image above shows just how close the tennis stadium would be to homes in the neighborhood.  The shape and inclination of the proposed grandstand would funnel the cheering and handclapping of fans directly into the living areas of these homes, in direct violation of the court-ordered noise injunction.

SaveOurClaremont opposes the building of sports facilities that violate the Brailsford injunction.  You can read the original judgment (from which the above items were excerpted) here.  If ever the tennis stadium or basketball court would be built, there would be no way to undo the disturbance to these households, who have already had to defend their right to a peaceful environment within their own homes.

This does not only affect homes within earshot of these facilities.  This is just one of many ways in which Blum and Fairmont are putting personal and corporate profits ahead of their responsibility to the community.  The Claremont expansion plans are extensive -- they also include a 43-unit condominum complex, 2 standalone homes, and 250 additional club memberships (without the parking to go with them) -- all showing similar disregard for the surrounding community and the landmark status of the hotel itself.  These developments would:

Mar hallmark views of the historic hotel and its surrounding gardens
Negatively impact wildlife, neighboring watersheds, and adjacent natural areas
Create persistent gridlock on the Ashby/13 corridor, which is already at maximum capacity
Delay emergency vehicle access to neighborhoods adjacent to and above the hotel
Put families at risk by siting condominiums atop a known fault

Save Our Claremont needs your help to ensure that the Claremont lives up to its
court-ordered obligations and responsibilities to the surrounding community.

Please volunteer and donate to help support these efforts

About the image:  
The photo illustration is a composite of two images: (1) the developer’s perspective rendering of the proposed sports facilities (at planned size and location) inlaid into (2) a view of the hotel and surroundings, visualized with Google Earth.  The rendering was submitted to the Oakland Planning Department on 25Feb16 by Hart Howerton and Levy Design Partners for Signature Development, contractor with the Fairmont chain and the Richard Blum group, owners of the Claremont Hotel.  Stadium capacity estimate based on projected seat area in plans, allocating 6 sq.ft. per seat.  Image of hotel and surroundings are complements Google and Landsat, visualized using Google Earth.