New Plans Released

Thanks to our outpouring of concern and criticism by neighbors of the Hotel, Signature Development has revised its development proposal.

  • The revised plans for the clubhouse and north end of the property can be found here.
  • The revised plans for the condoplex can be found here.


These plans can also be downloaded from the Oakland planning commission at

Here are some of the concessions made in the revised plans:

  • Developers have eliminated the stadium seating and the event lawn, recognizing the noise concern of Claremont Ave. neighbors.
  • They have eliminated the raised tennis courts, answering a BTC objection.
  • They have eliminated one of the Tunnel Road houses (possibly because the land is in the city of Berkeley).
  • They have eliminated the Power House project (possibly because the powerhouse is specifically protected in hotel's landmark status)
  • They have increased the scope of the proposed clubhouse expansion.
  • They have increased hotel/club parking spaces by 13 and eliminated one large condominium unit, possibly changing the roof line of the condos.
  • Developers have significantly modified the aesthetic design of the proposed condoplex.


Some views of the new condoplex aesthetic are shown below.

While it is easy to acknowledge the aesthetic improvement in the new designs (it could hardly have been worse than the orange stucco monstrosity originally proposed) the aesthetic improvements do not change the fact that the location of the condoplex in an active earthquake fault zone, and quite possibly directly over an active fault make any large residential building -- particularly above two stories of garage -- unsafe and potentially illegal under Alquist-Priolo.

Click here to learn more about the location of the fault line and why these condos are so unsafe.