What Richard Blum and Fairmont
Left Out of the LPAB Report

Above is a copy of the perspective rendering as it was provided to the LPAB (Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board) by developers working for Richard Blum and Fairmont Hotels in their hoped-for megaproject to build condos adjacent to the historic Claremont Hotel.

No need to refresh.  Your browser is working fine.  That's right -- no perpective rendering was provided to the LPAB.  This is notable because it's the LPAB's job to ensure "an appropriate sense of open space around the hotel building"...and one can imagine how difficult this task must be without visual renderings.

Of course, "open space" and "43-unit condo complex" are not "spatially compatible".  So maybe such "inconvenient optics" has something to do with the omission of perspecticve, elevation, and contextual renderings the the LPAB Report.

Let's look at what is in the LPAB Report (broken up into four sections to meet file size limits):

Main Report (overview, background, project description)

Project Drawings 1 (proposed sports complex)

Site Photos

Project Drawings 2 (proposed condominium complex)


Now let's look at what's missing:

A perspective rendering of the planned condoplex:

Source:  Conditional Use Permit, as filed with Oakland Planning Department, 25Feb16, sheet AR601


Detailed elevation drawings (pdf here):

Source:  Conditional Use Permit, as filed with Oakland Planning Department, 25Feb16, sheet AR302


Context renderings of the proposed condoplex with the landmark Claremont Hotel:

Source:  Photo illustration inlaying CUP perspective rendering into view of hotel
and grounds rendered in Google Earth from Google and Landsat data


What happened?

We can only guess as to the exact motivations of Blum, Fairmont, and Signature Development in omitting these important visuals from the filing with the LPAB (Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board).  Clearly it will take active citizen involvement to ensure that the LPAB receives appropriate materials so that it can undertake its responsibility of protecting the Claremont Hotel, a treasured Oakland landmark.

NACPEX opposes the building of condominiums which violate landmark zoning restrictions, and we object to the omission of design drawings which are necessary for the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board to sufficiently evaluate the planned construction.

We need your help to ensure that the aesthetic integrity
of the landmark Claremont Hotel is preserved!

Please volunteer and donate to help support these efforts


About the photo illustration:  The photo illustration above is a composite of two images: (1) the developer’s perspective rendering of the proposed condominiums (at planned size and location) inlaid into (2) a view of the hotel and surroundings, visualized with Google Earth.  The perspective rendering (of the condos only) was submitted to the Oakland Planning Department on 25Feb16 by Hart Howerton and Levy Design Partners for Signature Development, contractor with the Fairmont chain and the Richard Blum group, new owners of the Claremont Hotel.  In the photo illustration, the rendering was scaled and positioned according to diagrams and scale provided in the same filing.  The rendering used (from sheet AR601 of Conditional Use Permit application PLN#16-053) is the only street view of the condo complex that had been submitted to Planning up to 29Jun16.  Image of hotel and surroundings are compliments Google and Landsat, visualized using Google Earth.