SaveOurClaremont Position Statement and Legal Brief

SaveOurClaremont Position Statement


Select Letters to Oakland Planning Commission


Development/EIR schedule as proposed by Urban Planning Partners

Complementary work by Stephan C. Volker, retained by John Lee

Potential areas for legal challenge

  • Seismic (Alquist-Priolo)
  • Aesthetic (Landmark, Historic Resource, sightlines, failure to produce adequate renderings for LPAB)
  • Traffic (pollution, onsite/offsite parking, cumulative effects, safety)
  • Noise (existing injunction)
  • Hydrology (disruption of underground streams and aquifers, effects to Claremont Creek)
  • Agency Involvement (Berkeley, CalTrans, CA Water Resources Control Board)
  • Land Use (permitted density for zoning, planned subdivisions?)