Six Things You Can Do TODAY
to Help Preserve the Claremont


1. Get Informed.  Read the HRE and the transcript of the May 8th Weintraub presentation. Read the important update on the May 8th LPAB meeting. Visit the Learn More section of the Save Our Claremont website for more information and to study the history of the proposed development.

2. Sign the Petition calling on the LPAB to reaffirm its 2001 resolution to preserve the full Claremont property.

3. Write a Letter to the LPAB, to the planning commission, and to your councilmember. Here are some tips for writing city officials and complete lists of email addresses for relevant Oakland and Berkeley commissions, departments, and boards.

4. Donate online or by check. As a grassroots coalition, all of our legal and community-outreach efforts are supported by voluntary donations. Click here for more information and to make a donation.

5. Volunteer!  Right now we are in particular need of volunteers to collect signatures for the LPAB Petition.

6. Spread the Word. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Raise their awareness and send them to to learn more. Ask your friends to join our mailing list and we'll keep them up-to-date as new developments unfold!