Fault Passes Beneath Proposed Condos!

They say an image is worth a thousand words...and yet some images are more eloquent than others.  The above image, produced by laying the developer's plans over data from the USGS and the NSF OpenTopography Project, illustrates that there are multiple faults passing through the property, and that one of the faults passes directly beneath the planned condo development.  This overlay is produced, without alteration, from the best data currently available.  It emphasizes the critical need for a rigorous, thorough, independent seismic study of the planned construction zone.

Alquist-Priolo requires that "a structure for human occupancy cannot be placed over the trace of the fault and must be set back from the fault (generally 50 feet)".  And this is aside from the questionable wisdom of placing a four-story condo complex above a two-story garage anywhere near an earthquake fault.  Fault lines are subject to surface rupture, and placing a dwelling across a fault places its occupants at risk for both loss of property and loss of life, particularly with the under-dwelling garage configuration proposed by the developer.

SaveOurClaremont opposes the building of condominiums in the fault zone.  We need your help to ensure that the local fault zone is studied thoroughly and transparently.

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See the full overlay image here.

OpenTopography Acknowledgment:  This material is based on [data, processing] services provided by the OpenTopography Facility with support from the National Science Foundation under NSF Award Numbers 1226353 & 1225810