SaveOurClaremont needs your support.

There are two ways to financially support SaveOurClaremont objectives:

1.   You can make a donation to California Environmental Quality Group.  CEQG is a 501c-3 tax exempt entity (tax id# 82-2824643) committed to maintaining, preserving, and enhancing a quality environment for the people of the State of California.  CEQG is supporting educational, impact assessment, and legal efforts in alignment with SaveOurClaremont objectives.  You may contribute to CEQG online, using a credit card, by clicking here.  CEQG will issue you a tax receipt for your contribution.

2.   You may also contribute directly to SaveOurClaremont.  Such direct contributions, while not tax deductible, are essential to SaveOurClaremont operations as they can be applied in support of direct advocacy and lobbying activities.  To contribute unrestricted funds, please send your check, payable to SaveOurClaremont, to:


PO Box 3507
Oakland, CA 94609-0507


Thank you for your contributions in support of SaveOurClaremont advocacy.