Your donation here will support the California Environmental Quality Group.  CEQG is a 501c-3 tax exempt entity committed to maintaining, preserving, and enhancing a quality environment for the people of the State of California.  CEQG is supporting educational, impact assessment, and legal efforts in alignment with NACPEX objectives.

Contributions to CEQG are tax deductible, and align with the NACPEX mission in the following ways:

  California Environmental Quality Group is supporting legal efforts to defend the Claremont Hotel's Landmark status and its status as a California Historical Resource against the efforts of Signature Development Group and its paid consultants to strip those protections.
  California Environmental Quality Group supports independent environmental impact studies to facilitate unbiased evaluation of impacts to the historical resource.
  California Environmental Quality Group supports efforts to educate the community with respect to the environmental review process, the planning and permitting process, building codes, and earthquake safety.


California Environmental Quality Group is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, and 100% of your contributions go directly to legal efforts, environmental impact study, and educational efforts.