About this image
The photo illustration is composited from a computer-generated model sized and positioned according to diagrams and scale provided on sheet AR207 and AR301 of project drawings submitted to Planning on November 21, 2016. The resulting model was inserted into its proposed geographic location, visualized using Google Earth (compliments Google) with facade imagery from developer plans overlaid using Adobe Illustrator.
The landmark Claremont Hotel is under attack by developers!
The Claremont Hotel is a unique and irreplaceable regional treasure. It is in the crosshairs of a developer who misrepresented past landmarking decisions and misled public agencies and community members. In pursuit of profit, Signature Development Group is willing to degrade this century-old landmark and cause irreversible damage to the community.
Recent corporate owners propose development that includes:
  • A 43-unit condominium complex adjacent to the hotel
  • Expanded Claremont Club & Spa facilities to accommodate 500-1,000 new members
The developer proposes shrinking the boundaries of this historic resource, and removing protections affirmed since 2001 at the local, state and national levels in order to build a 43-unit condominium complex right next to the hotel. (Click here for details)
About this image
The photo illustration was produced by laying the developer's plans (SH AR207, 21Nov16) over fault data from the USGS and the NSF OpenTopography Project visualized with Google Earth. It shows a superposition of proposed construction with the USGS published location of the Hayward Fault (trace 187). The OpenTopography Project is supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF Award Numbers 1226353 & 1225810.
Here’s why we oppose this development.
  • Housing for the wealthy, situated on an active earthquake fault in a high-risk fire area already overwhelmed by traffic and limited emergency access, is not a community asset, it’s a liability.
  • The condos and significant growth in club membership will mean many more cars. Club members and guests, hotel guests, and employees already park on adjacent streets. The added burden will further slow traffic, harm local businesses, and inconvenience residents.
  • The development will hurt sightlines, decrease open space and air quality, increase noise and light pollution, and negatively impact livability for the neighborhood.
Here are updates on our efforts to stop the development.
  • Community outcry and a noise ordinance granted after past disputes with the hotel already defeated plans for elevated tennis courts atop a parking garage and substantial stadium seating adjacent to expanded tennis courts.
  • We are awaiting the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) after which the community has only 45 days to respond.
  • We have retained an attorney and subject experts who can accurately assess key impacts in order to defend the Claremont Hotel and grounds from irreversible damage.
  • We have had discussions with elected and appointed officials and are conducting research on pertinent issues.
  • We are coordinating with other community groups opposing the development.
Community concerns matter. Here’s what you can do to protect this regional treasure.
Preserving the integrity of the Claremont Hotel and grounds benefits the entire Bay Area.

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