NACPEX Featured on 6 O'Clock News

Last night, while NACPEX advocates and community supporters gave rousing testimony at Oakland City Hall (starting at 01:16:45) in opposition to Richard Blum and Fairmont's plans to despoil the landmark Claremont Hotel, KPIX-TV Channel 5 (CBS) aired a news story about our battle against the proposed development.

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If this feels like a turning point in our shared battle, that's because it is.

Where Blum, Fairmont, and Signature Development may once have thought they might slip through without real scrutiny or community inquiry -- as evidenced by the blatant omission of crucial renderings in their submission to the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (LPAB) -- they now know, in no uncertain terms, that they have a serious and organized fight on their hands.

And for this next round, NACPEX needs your support more than ever.  Blum and Fairmont are formidable foes.  They stand to make tens of millions of dollars on the proposed project, which gives an idea of the stakes for them and the resources they command.

But NACPEX has community on our side.  And we have the law on our side -- legal protections that stem from the Claremont's listing as an Oakland City Landmark and on the California Register of Historical Resources, as well as Alquist-Priolo prohibitions against locating multi-family dwellings over known earthquake faults.

With your support, NACPEX can hire the experts and marshal the resources to:

defend the historic Claremont from this assault on its landmark status,
protect our community from the snarled traffic and choking pollution that would result from the addition of hundreds of vehicles on already overloaded roads, and
prevent the construction of unsafe multi-dwelling buildings in the fault zone

But only with your support.

Please volunteer and donate to help support NACPEX efforts

Now, more than ever, NACPEX needs your contributions to carry this fight forward.

NACPEX is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, and 100% of your contributions go directly to community organizing, independent study, legal, and advocacy efforts.