SaveOurClaremont was formed to address concerns about planned additions to the landmark Claremont Hotel property.

The developer’s proposals include:

43 residential condo units atop a two-story parking garage
Construction of a new single-family home at the Tunnel Road entrance
Construction of a new pool and basketball court
Expansion of club membership by 250 families while *reducing* club parking

The development threatens to degrade the surroundings of the historic hotel and would:

Mar hallmark views of the historic hotel and its surrounding gardens
Negatively impact wildlife, neighboring watersheds, and adjacent natural areas
Create persistent gridlock on the Ashby/13 corridor, which is already at maximum capacity
Delay emergency vehicle access to neighborhoods adjacent to and above the hotel
Put families at risk by siting condominiums atop a known fault

For these reasons, we oppose the planned development and advocate for an approach which:

Preserves the historic structure and its surrounding areas
Minimizes traffic, environmental, and safety impacts along Ashby/13, extending from I-80 to CA24
Avoids unsafe construction in an active earthquake fault zone

"What can I do about this?" you ask?

Learn more about the proposed expansion and the associated risks
Volunteer to help spread the word in our community
Make a donation to support the independent study of the risks and impacts


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