2017 Letters to the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (LPAB)

The first 2017 public hearing for the Claremont Hotel before the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (LPAB) was May 8th, it was continued to the June 12th LPAB meeting.

Many concerned residents wrote letters to the LPAB, expressing concern about the developer's efforts to undermine the historic resource protections afforded the property by the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and the California Register of Historic Resources (CRHR).

SaveOurClaremont encouraged letter-writers to include all relevant city officials and related parties in the distribution list for their emails.


Instructions for future letter writing:

Please Cc: "nacpex@gmail.com" and reference PLN16053 and ER16-010 (the case numbers for the project) in your email. Email must be received before 6pm on the day of any public hearing to be entered as public testimony.  If you would like LPAB members to read (and perhaps be influenced by) your letter before a meeting, you should consider sending it as soon as possible.

Some rules of thumb for letter writing:

  • Keep it short, if possible.  The more to-the-point, the stronger the point.
  • Share your personal story and experience
  • Ask your friends to sign on to your letter or write their own

Some examples of letters to Oakland Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board,
submitted before the May 8th meeting, are available here:


Oakland Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board

Christopher Andrews Chair, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Board chrisrandrews@sbcglobal.net
Peter Birkholz Vice-Chair, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Board pbirkholz@gmail.com
Stafford Buckley Member, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Board stafford@garden-restoration.com
Nenna Joiner Member, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Board nenna08@gmail.com
Klara Komorous Member, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Board klara@ktarch.com
Vince Sugrue Member, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Board vincexsugrue@gmail.com
Rebecca Lind Case Planner (PLN16053/ER16-010) RLind@oaklandca.gov